Ryan Dangerous Official Biography

Ryan Smith a.k.a Ryan Dangerous is a Jamaican-born musician, producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

Born in Saint Andrews, Kingston and grew up in Portland, he emigrated to Miami where he currently resides. Ryan was 7 years old when he was introduced to the feel of being a musician during a service at Church. From there onwards,  he experimented with the drums, bass guitar, trumpets, and singing in a family group as a teenager.

Ryan was given the stage name "Ryan Dangerous" by DJs who challenged his skills playing music at house parties. Living in Florida offered Ryan a new taste for musical diversity and excellence, adding more creative flare to his musical renditions. Ryan has two heartwarming singles to his name namely "Tattoo Scars" produced and released in March 2021 with an accompanying animation video. "Baby Run Come"  is a female anthem designed to grace the clubs and radios, with Reggaeton sound infused with stage banging Afrobeats. Ryan is curred by working with Blewman Production,  and currently sits as Vice President for Da Global Base, while enjoying being a fashion designer and owner for Island Niche.  He is working on a much-anticipated album that is looking to shock the industry...